If you are or aren’t a parent, you know that it’s time to prepare to go back to school.  The commercials are flooding the air waves.  School is an institution designed for teaching students, a place where learning is cultivated.  So much is needed for a successful school year and it all begins with you! You can often get neglected in the hustle and bustle of the school routine and after school activities.  Make a commitment to make yourself more of a priority this school year by committing to incorporate these tips in your back to school routine.

1. Be organized. There are many tools and gadgets that help you organize.  Start with a calendar.  A calendar can help you keep track of daily, weekly and/or monthly activities.

2. Schedule a time out for you everyday.  A time out for a child can mean a form of punishment but as an adult, it’s a luxury.  You spend so much time being everything to everyone, so carve out time in each day for you to be everything to you only.  I begin my weekday mornings with time for meditation (which includes prayer) and a workout.  This allows me to refresh my mind and prepare for the day. Whether you schedule your time out in the morning, afternoon or evening, make sure you schedule it.

3. Update you.  New season, new you! Update your hair/makeup and your wardrobe.  Find looks that will work with the demands of the new school year.  Our Style Sociably service can work with you to help you create a style statement that presents the best you.

4. Finish what you started. We all have projects or even groups that we started or have joined that haven’t seen us in a while.  Back to school can be back to completion.  Finishing what you started will put you at the head of the class!

5. Learn something new. There is power in knowledge. Take the time to learn something new.  Is there something that you have always wanted to know more about?  Check out your local YMCA, recreation center, community college or church for schedules of classes that are being offered.

6. Volunteer. Get involved and give back.  Join your local PTA or participate in after school programs.  An hour of your time can make a lifetime of memories in the life of a child.

Make this back to school season unforgettable.

Be Sociably Inspired!