Hello 2016!

A new year brings new opportunities.  2015 was such an amazing year for us at Sociably Yours.  It was full of experiences that all taught the same lesson-you are well equipped to accomplish your dreams.

Have you ever dreamed a dream and then immediately thought, “it’s just a dream it probably won’t come true.”  Why is it that we allow our minds to immediately wander to the thought that we can’t have what we dream for?  It’s time to change our thoughts which should ultimately change our actions.

Our dream for Sociably Yours has always been to create unforgettable weddings and celebrations. Because of our ability to dream brighter and bolder dreams, we have been blessed to be featured on live television with our entertaining segments for various holidays and events.  It’s such a joy to come into the homes of the viewers and share our tips for effortless entertaining.

In 2016, we are expanding our dream even bigger to include an introduction to our new product line.  We are proud to introduce the Sociably Yours P.S. Collection of lipsticks and lip glosses!  Our signature line is a long-lasting selection of colors for the woman who wants to make a statement.  

We can’t wait to share more details about our forthcoming collection as well as moments from our unforgettable weddings and celebrations and hope that you will join us on our most beautiful journey yet! 

Here’s to a beautiful 2016