“I Do” Hairdo-Wedding Day Hairstyles

You’ve had a vision for your special day for a long time.  What is the vision for your hair? Hair is something personal.  A great head of hair with a great hairstyle screams glamorous.  

I spent some time with local hairstylist Tanneaka Alexander-Munoz, owner of Tanneaka Class -N- Sass Hair Salon, located in Greensboro, NC to get some advice about selecting your wedding day hairstyle. A simple search of wedding day hairstyles will bring up images of beautiful up do’s, side ponytails and long ringlet (spiral) curls.  When asked what she thinks is the most popular hairstyle that she does for a wedding, Tanneaka answered “spirals. Everyone wants spiral curls.”  I can completely agree with that statement since my own wedding day hairstyle of choice was spirals.

There are some tips that Tanneaka recommends that brides should adhere to when selecting their wedding day hair:

1. Have a trial of the wedding day style at least a month out.  A professional hairstylist will be able to replicate a hairstyle from a photo and provide advice regarding whether or not to add hair extensions. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of the finished style.

2. Have your veil or headpiece with you during the trial. This will allow you to see exactly how your hair will look on the day of your wedding.  It also provides the stylist an opportunity to know the number of hair pins that should be used as well as their placement.

3. Begin your wedding day itinerary with hair. With most weddings beginning in the afternoon, your day should begin with hair.  For Tanneaka, she does the styling in the salon, so an early morning appointment allows her plenty of time to create the wedding day coiffe.

Once you’ve selected your I Do hairdo and the big day has arrived, I also recommend:

4. Taking your shower prior to your hair appointment. Even a little steam can flatten a hairstyle, so don’t even risk it.

5. Wearing a button down blouse to your hair appointment so that it could be easier to remove to get ready for the big day.

6. If your budget allows, retain your hairstylist so that s/he can join you in your bridal suite. Your hairstylist will be there to make sure you are ready to go down the aisle and provide a touch up (if needed) before your introduction as the new Mrs.

Whatever hairdo you choose for the day you say “I do”, be confident and enjoy the day! 

If you would like to contact local hairstylist Tanneaka Alexander-Munoz, visit

Tanneaka Class -N- Sass
2808 F Randleman Road
Greensboro, NC
(336) 274-1556

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