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Introducing the PS Collection by Sociably Yours

We are so pleased to introduce to you the PS Collection by Sociably Yours!

The PS (Page Stroud) Collection is a collection of custom-blended, long-wearing, high pigmented statement lip colors.

With so many options on the market for lip colors, Stroud set out to work with beauty industry maven and friend licensed aesthetician Araneetae Guy of Sweet Air Cosmetics, to create a collection of beautiful colors that look beautiful on every shade of every woman. 

A fashionista, Nichols Stroud has created a signature style all her own.  It seemed very natural when she contacted Guy to begin this journey.  “It’s still surreal that I have my very own collection of lip colors,” giggles Page Nichols Stroud. “I love the confidence that I, we as women get when we know we look good.  Applying a statement lip color that is sure to turn heads, well who wouldn’t want to do that?”  Each color is custom blended by Araneetae Guy with complete input from Page.  “We go back and forth via text, email, phone calls, whatever it takes until we know we have what I am envisioning.  Even when I receive the colors I’m still in awe of how gorgeous they are.”

The PS Collection consists of lip glosses, matte lipsticks, and matte liquid lip colors.  In colors from pinks, reds, nudes, shimmers, and rich glamorous purples, the collection has something for everyone. The names of the lip colors also give the people something to talk about as well.  With names like “Cheers” and “The Applause,” you will want to have one of every color in your bag.

Having hosted a few smaller events to introduce the collection, Sociably Yours is looking forward to hosting their first Holiday Pop Up Shop at the intimately beautiful JH Adams Inn in downtown High Point.  The Holiday Pop Up Shop will feature the signature colors of the collection, new colors for the season, and other wonderful vendors to create the ultimate shopping experience.  The Holiday Pop Up Shop is scheduled for Friday, November 18.  Immediately following the Pop Up Shop, Shop Sociably on the website will be live.

Our journey just got more colorful so stay tuned!

​(Photo credit: Tory Bass Photography)