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Sociably Yours Planned its First-Ever Pop Up Wedding

Wedding Season is here and what better way to begin than with a Pop Up Wedding??? Yes, Sociably Yours successfully planned its first-ever Pop Up Wedding in Fayetteville, North Carolina in early April.

What is a Pop-Up Wedding?  We are defining a Pop Up Wedding as a short, simply elegant wedding ceremony for the happy couple and a few friends and family.  A Pop-Up Wedding is similar to an elopement but without the surprise element for all involved.

So when we got the call from the church to assist with their first-ever wedding of a military couple who wished to be wed in two weeks (not a typo, TWO weeks planning time) we picked ourselves up off the floor and got to planning!

Our first item of business was to reach out to the bride and groom to get the particulars of the day.  Because they are military, this was a little more difficult than normal.  We were able to speak with our bride via text to get an idea of the color scheme and style (thank you technology). Remotely planning a wedding is a specialty of Sociably Yours.  With the ceremony being so intimate, we enlisted the assistance of a local florist and a family friend provided the photography.  We communicated via email with our couple to provide the timeline of the wedding ceremony and the rehearsal itinerary.

Wedding weekend arrived and so did we, with copies of our rehearsal itinerary and ceremony timeline.  The excitement of a wedding is contagious.  Rehearsal went as smoothly as the wedding day.  Everyone was in their respective places on time and we began promptly. 

So many moments made this wedding special including the bridesmaid singing the bride down the aisle to the Hawaiian tradition of the father placing leis on the bride and groom.  Our favorite moment will be that we got to be Sociably Yours to a beautiful couple who are serving our country for us to continue to live in the land of the free.  We are forever grateful to Eunice and David for their service to our country and for reminding us that it doesn’t take an elaborate budget to have a beautiful wedding day.  If you have love and a really detailed wedding planner, you will have a day that is unforgettable.

Congratulations Eunice and David!  We wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss!