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Our clients have spoken and they have confirmed that our Style Sociably service is incredible! I understand people and their perception of you based on how you look. What you wear is a form of communication.  While it may not seem fair that people develop an immediate impression of who you are simply by the clothes you wear, it is still true that your clothes tell a story about your personality and how you are likely to be perceived by others.  Do you think it takes more effort to look hot or a hot mess?

Clothing will always have an effect on how we think of ourselves.  Research has confirmed that people have experienced being treated better when they are well dressed as opposed to being less put together (ill-fitting clothing, dirty).

Style Sociably is our personalized fashion service for men and women.  I provide fashion styling for events such as weddings and parties to conferences and romantic getaways.  I work one-on-one to help you identify your style and clearly define it through your fashion.  I take the time to assess what you currently have and determine what you may need to enhance your style to one that is unforgettable.

Fashion is interwoven in the fabric of my being. My love of fashion began and was cultivated with a career with some of the leading women’s clothing retailers.  With a dad who is a tailor by trade, I have been immersed in the world of patterns, fabrics, and fashion trends as far back as I can remember.  I have created and presented numerous fashion workshops and enjoy helping others look their best.

Style Sociably’s mission is to make the world more stylish one client at a time.  Let me show you how simple being stylish can be.  Have an upcoming event you want to be sure you look your best? Contact me to schedule your Style Sociably consultation.

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