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What to Wear to an Industry Conference

Deciding what to wear can be a daunting task but decided what to wear to an industry conference with your peers, frightening!

I had the pleasure of attenting the annual Wedding MBA Conference in Las Vegas last week.  This was my first time attending along with many of other industry friends so I was kinda on my own with determining what will make the wardrobe cut.

Wedding planners are extremely creative and stylish individuals so my attire for the week needed to reflect that and then some, lol.  As any good traveler does, I looked at the weather report.  Every day was packed full of sunshine but not to be fooled, conference centers tend to only have one climate, cold.

In packing I do try to establish my color palette as to limit myself in the amount of shoes and accessories I must then chose from.  I went with classic blue and black and build my wardrobe from there.  As I reveiwed the itinerary for the days I determined that I must have a look for the day and a look for the evening, in the event we decided to go out on the town.

I selected dresses primarily for this conference because lets face it, I LOVE dresses! Dresses are my favorite go-to and require less effort to create the polished look that I strive to present.  I kept it simple with the footwear and chose my Coach flats to ensure I was stylish AND comfortable.  I accesorized my outfits with pearls, big hair and signature lip colors from the PS Collection by Sociably Yours for the ultimate polished Sociably Yours look.

So when getting ready for your next conference trip, keep these tips in mind

  • Review the weather report (be sure to keep in mind the difference in temperature from inside to outside)
  • Establish a color palette (chose two signature colors and build from there.  This makes the selection process more defined)
  • Consider your footwear options.  Once you have selected your colors, think of what you will wear on your feet.  I recommend choosing a pump (heel), a flat, and a cute after-5 shoe.  Don’t forget your athletic shoes as well, in case you want to workout.
  • Accessorize! Accessories polish a look and always ensure that you will be remembered.